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Investing In Kumeu

Investing in Kumeu

Rodney District, some would say, has it all. That's because there aren't that many parts of the country where you can buy a tidy three-bedroom rental, minutes' walk from the beach, and commuting distance to a major centre for not that much more than the national average price.

This district, on Auckland's northern border, offers just that. Three-bedroom homes are priced from $240,000. Tenants have the choice of finding a job locally, or nipping down the motorway to Auckland for work.

It is, however, not one homogeneous area. There are three regional centres that provide work: Wellsford to the north, Warkworth and Orewa. To the west of the province are the towns of Kaukapakapa, Helensville and Huapai/Kumeu, which have areas of industry.

The geographical areas of interest to property investors are mostly further south and west. The top spots for investment property are the western end of Whangaparaoa, which offers prime investor property, along with parts of Orewa, Warkworth and Wellsford. To the south-west the small towns of Kaukapakapa/Helensville/Huapai and Kumeu are viewed by some as an extension to west Auckland.

A good chunk of the eastern coast of the region running from Pakiri to Waiwera contains some very sought-after beaches with large and expensive developments with many thousands of baches. Prime Minister John Key even holidays at the newly developed Omaha Beach.

Tourism plays a significant part of the economy of Rodney with the coastal drawcard as well as other attractions such as the thermal resorts at Waiwera and Parakai near Hellensville.